Friday, June 15, 2012



Midnight Caller
"That was beautiful butterfly."
Those were the words the caller had used last night. Just that one line, and then he hung up the phone. It had obviously been a wrong number, but still, the timing of it had unnerved me. I'd just finished masturbating and not one minute after I had come down from my high, the phone rang.
Maybe it was the deep voice that spoke only in a whisper. Maybe it was what he had said. Whatever it was, it had me tossing and turning all night.
There I was, nearly twenty-four hours later, lying in bed with my favorite toy at my fingertips. I masturbated almost every night. I didn't always masturbate the same way, or use the same toy, but I usually did it in my bed with my curtains wide open. I'm a bit of an exhibitionist and I live on the 14th floor of a large apartment building. My bedroom has one wall that is entirely glass. Now, I'm not crazy. I like to fuck with the curtains wide open, but I keep my lights off. I can see out, but no one can see in. It is erotic, but safe.
As I lie there thinking about all the people in the apartments across the boulevard from mine, I let my hand slip up inside of my top. My nipple got hard beneath my fingertips. I gave it a gentle tug, and then tugged harder, moaning in pleasure.
It had been over two years since I'd had a boyfriend, and at that time I had no idea what I liked in bed.
I'd learned a lot about what I liked from pleasuring myself all of this time. And one thing that I seemed to love was a bit of pain with my pleasure.
My other hand moved lower and slipped in between my slick folds. I groaned in pleasure. I wasn't surprised that my fingers found my clit slightly swollen, or that within a minute, it was throbbing. Like I said, I know what I like.
My fingers picked up the pace and the gentle rubbing of my clit turned to rapid flicking, and then finally to rough tugging of the over sensitive bud. I grabbed for my toy and clicked it into the on position. Without playing around, I thrust it into my dripping pussy. I began pounding it into myself, causing my back to arch and a light perspiration to cover my skin. I felt my climax start to build and I slowed my pace to drag it out a bit longer. After a few more torturous minutes, I fell over the edge.
I lie there panting with a cheesy grin on my face. I glanced over at the phone. See, nothing to worry about. Just as the thought popped into my head, the phone began to ring.
I considered not picking it up, but I'm not a coward. I slowly picked up the receiver and brought it to my ear. "That was beautiful, butterfly."
"Wait, who is this?" I yelled into the phone.
I heard a chuckle and then a click.
I sat there staring at the phone for a full minute before I moved. My mind which had been numb began to race. This was not a wrong number. It was too coincidental. Someone was watching me, or listening to me! I ran to my window and drew the curtain closed. My heart was racing in my chest. I had always fantasized about someone watching me, but now that it seemed like it was happening, it scared me. Yet it thrilled me too. Much to my surprise, I realized that the wetness between my thighs has increased since my orgasm, not decreased.
Not knowing what else to do, I climbed back into bed and fell into a restless sleep.
Work dragged by, and on the way home I began thinking of my midnight caller again. I was pretty sure it wasn't a coincidence. Someone had either been watching me or listening to me, but what I wasn't sure about was if it made me angry or excited. I was leaning more towards being pissed off.
As I walked into my room, the first thing I noticed was that my curtains were still closed. I stomped through my room and into my en suite bathroom. I considered masturbating in the shower, actually a preferred place of mine, but I decided that I wouldn't be kept from doing what I love where I wanted.
I climbed into my bed, still partially wet from the shower. I reached over and grabbed my toy. Before I could even bring my fingers to my pussy the phone rang.
Ha! I thought to myself. He is calling because he thinks I came. I grab the phone, ready to laugh when he said 'That was beautiful butterfly.'
I held it to my ear waiting for the line. "You disappoint me butterfly. Open the curtains."
I sat there stunned. But at least I knew one thing; he was watching me, not listening to me.
"Why should I listen to you?" I retorted.
"First of all butterfly, you will not talk to me with that disrespectful tone. Second, you will open the curtain to please me. Your body is for my pleasure."
Goosebumps broke out all over my skin. I knew that I should be offended but instead I was turned on.
"Are you listening little girl?"
I swallowed. "Yes," I practically whispered.
"When you are ready to give your body to me, to submit to my will, you will open the curtains and perform for me."
"Wait, who is this?" I asked, in a much softer voice, hoping the change in my tone would get me what I wanted.
"Perform well, butterfly, and perhaps I will grant you your request."
There was a click and I sat there in silence.
He was demanding, and had all of the control, yet that wasn't right. It has just occurred to me that I had control too. I had the choice whether or not to submit to his demands. Feeling empowered with the thought that he wasn't demanding my body, that I was giving it to him; I slowly walked to the window and pulled open the curtains.
I stood there for a moment scanning the apartments across from me. There were two large buildings with at least 150 apartments a piece. Most were dark at this hour, but that didn't help me. Mine was dark too, and I was home, awake, and trying to look into theirs. Somewhere, across from me, was my midnight caller.
I took a deep breath and headed to my bed. Nervously, I brought my fingers up to my nipples. I was surprised to find that they were already hard. I rolled one between my thumb and forefinger. My other hand dipped below the covers and began rubbing my clit. It wasn't long before I felt an orgasm build. I arched my back, and with a tug to my nipple I found my release. Immediately I turned to look at the phone.
It rang.
"That was beautiful butterfly, but it was not your best performance. Try harder tomorrow and maybe you will be rewarded with what you want."
Mother fucker!
How dare he! It wasn't my best? I'd performed for him. It wasn't earth shattering, but it was an orgasm.
I lay there in bed and eventually fell asleep. Work the next day was awful. It was filled with meeting after meeting. I couldn't even let myself sink into my work, because my mind kept getting drawn back to my midnight caller. Last night I had been pissed, but after a restless sleep and hours of boring meetings to dwell on it, I realized he had been right. It was a terrible performance. I was nervous as hell, and it had been rushed. I could have taken more time, hell, I could have put way more effort into it.
That was when I decided that I was going to treat tonight like a date. A date with myself and my midnight caller.
After work I took a long shower. I shaved my legs, armpits and bikini line. I liked to keep myself neat and trimmed up. I blew my hair dry and left it loose. Bypassing my usual sweats and t-shirts, I headed for my lingerie. I chose a dark blue bra and panty set.
I pulled back the covers and removed them from the bed. I ran my hand across the smooth sheets. Some people spent their money on gambling, others on fancy restaurants, my vice, sheets. I had pale blue 100 % Egyptian long staple cotton sheets on the bed tonight.
The fabric felt wonderful against my skin and I moved my smooth legs back and forth on the sheets. I felt my arousal begin as my nipples became instantly hard. I brought my fingers up to my chest and began rubbing my aching nipples through the cups of the bra. When I couldn't take it anymore, I removed the bra and rolled my nipples between my fingers. A loud sigh escaped my lips as one of my hands slid down my stomach and under the waistband of my panties. I was surprised to find that my soft curls were already damp with excitement. My fingers grazed my sensitive nub.
I allowed a finger to slip in and arched my back with pleasure. Oh, but it wasn't enough. I knew that no amount of fingers would be enough. I was thoroughly worked up and I needed the feel of a man's cock inside of me.
I rolled onto my knees and crawled on all fours to the night stand where I kept my toys. I wondered for a moment if he was watching. I shook my ass slightly as I realized that he must be getting a really good view of it. In the darkness I felt for my rabbit. It was longer and thicker than some of my other toys, and tonight I felt the need to be stretched, filled.
Slowly I positioned myself sitting up, leaning against the headboard. My knees which were up near my chest fell gently open exposing my entire body. I shivered at the thought that now he could possibly see every inch of me. I didn't know how it was possible, my room was completely dark with the exception of the light from my alarm clock, yet somehow I just knew that he could see me.
I felt a trickle of wetness drip down and run around my puckered hole. Oh, that was my guilty pleasure, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to share that secret fantasy with my midnight caller. I turned my rabbit on and lightly pressed the tip to my nipple. Oh it felt good here; I couldn't wait to get it to my dripping honey pot. After circling each nipple twice, I moved it down to my now dripping curls. Slowly I pressed it into me and before long, I was moving it in and out quickly. The small rabbit part would graze my clit at each pass causing me to writhe in pleasure. My other hand worked furiously squeezing and tugging at my nipples. I could never seem to get enough sensation and always wanted more.
I felt the orgasm take hold and a soft scream left my body as I felt the wetness leave me. The rabbit was quickly expelled from my pussy which was clenching tightly. I cringed at the loss and rammed it back in intensifying my orgasm which I rode out for several minutes.
I lay there panting on the bed, covered in sweat and wetness for a moment before the phone rang.
"That was beautiful butterfly, and your body pleased me. Because of that, I will grant your request. You may call me Sir. "
"Sir?" I asked questioningly.
"First, of all little girl, Sir knows that you are new to this, but you must learn to only speak to Sir with respect. Do you understand little girl?"
I felt wetness gush out of me at his words. Any part of me that was offended at the way he was talking to me, at the use of the words 'little girl' went out the window.
"Yes Sir," I answered quietly.
"That was a good girl. But I did not tell you to speak. My butterfly will only speak when Sir says the words 'speak'. Do you understand?"
"Yes Sir," I answered quickly.
"I did not tell you to speak," he said in a harsh tone. "You will not speak until I tell you to speak. Do you understand little girl?"
I was about to say yes, when I remembered to wait. There was a brief silence.
"That's a good girl. My butterfly learns so quickly and is easy to train. My butterfly likes to obey Sir doesn't she?"
I waited again.
"You may speak, butterfly."
"Yes Sir," I said with a trembling voice. The wetness flowed freely from me now. I could feel my clit throbbing. I knew once we were off the phone, I would be grinding out another fantastic orgasm.
"My little butterfly is getting very wet. Does my little girl want to cum again?"
"Yes Sir," I answered quickly, too quickly. I had forgotten to wait for him to tell me to speak.
The line was silent for a moment.
"It is a shame that butterfly has disappointed Sir, by forgetting such a simple rule so quickly, and little girls who disappoint Sir do not get rewarded. There will be no second orgasm tonight. In fact, little girl, you are not to touch yourself until you hear from me again. Do you understand?"
I sat there in silence trembling, waiting for a response. The silence seemed to linger forever.
"You may speak butterfly."
"Yes Sir," I said, and exhaled the breath I realized I had been holding.
"Such a good girl. So eager to please, but you must pay for your mistakes. Sir will know if butterfly touches herself, but promises that if she is good, and obeys her Sir, her reward will be great. Good night butterfly."
I thought of disobeying him and getting myself off anyway, but it was a fleeting thought. I really did want to please him. I wanted to please my Sir. And there was the promise of a reward. I wondered in what way he could reward me.
Work the next day was hell. Not only had I sat through hours and hours of meetings making my day drag, but during one of the meetings I was assigned to work on a new project with Jessica Stanley.
Now, normally I would have been ecstatic to work on this project. I worked for a large video game company and I wanted to work on the animations for the games. I was working my way up. Right now I was in the editing department. It really wasn't very exciting, but this project would give me a chance to get my feet wet. I wouldn't be one of the animators, but I would get to give input and suggestions to the artists and then get to edit the final project. With Jessica, of course. Jessica was beyond annoying with the way she talked non-stop about sex, and today, with how much my mind was already on sex, it was the last thing I needed.
I was grateful to leave work, and even more grateful to pull into my parking space with the pint of sesame chicken. As I ate I became more and more nervous about my phone call tonight. I wondered what the reward would be. I absentmindedly watched a reality singing show. When it was over I rinsed out my dish and headed to my room, glad it was time for bed.
I climbed onto the bed and that was the first time it occurred to me that he might not call. He had told me to wait, and not touch myself until he called. He had never actually said that he would call tonight. I sat there, trying not to stare at the phone. Nearly forty minutes later, when it did ring, my thighs were coated with my wetness and there was a small wet spot where I'd been sitting.
I picked up the phone.
"You look beautiful butterfly." His deep whisper sent goose bumps all over my body.
"Thank you," I replied in a breathy whisper.
"If you listen to me, and follow my instructions butterfly, you will be rewarded with the most amazing orgasm of your life."
All that I could do was nod dumbly.
"Put the phone on speaker butterfly."
I pressed the speaker button on the phone.
"Now put it on your nightstand and get into bed. Sit on your knees."
I climbed into bed and sat there obediently. A thought of looking a bit like a waiting puppy flashed through my mind.
"Touch that dripping pussy butterfly, but do not put your fingers inside of you."
I ran my hand up my thigh and was surprised at how slick with need they were. I couldn't remember ever being this wet, not even after an orgasm, let alone before. My fingers found my pussy dripping.
"Now rub that swollen clit of yours butterfly"
My fingers found the throbbing nub. I rubbed it quickly, and resisted the urge to thrust my fingers inside of me. My other hand moved up to touch my breasts but before I could even get it half way there, he growled through the phone.
"I did not tell you to touch your breasts butterfly. Put your hand down you naughty little slut."
His words shocked and excited me. I felt my body tremble at his command. I continued to rub furiously on my clit, feeling it swell even more beneath my fingertips.
"You will slow down butterfly. Rub slowly, gently."
Using all of my restraint, I slowed my fingers. With each pass over my entrance, I felt more liquid leave my body. I was steadily dripping onto the bed turning what had been a small wet spot into a large puddle.
"Get your toy butterfly and rub it gently around your opening. You will not put it inside of you until I tell you to."
I scrambled to my nightstand and grabbed my favorite dildo. It was a long glass one. I loved the way that the cool glass felt against my skin. I moaned in pleasure while I ran its cold tip around the tip of my wet hole.
Just when I thought I was about to die, he said, "Put just the tip in. No more."
I quickly pressed the tip into me and moaned as the size and the coolness of the dildo assaulted my hot pussy.
"Hold it still. Use your other hand to play with those perfect nipples of yours. Squeeze them, pinch them, tug on them."
My hand flew up to my breasts and I eagerly followed his instructions. I felt my fingers that were holding the dildo begin to get covered in my wetness as it leaked in streams from my body.
"Slide that dildo in half way, but do not move it butterfly."
I moaned loudly as I pressed the cold glass into my hot pussy.
"Please! I need to fuck myself!" I cried out after less than a minute.
"Remove it from your pussy," he growled. "I decide how and when that pussy gets fucked, not you little girl."
I pulled the dildo from my pussy and felt more wetness gush from my now empty hole.
"And you will stop touching your nipples."
I brought my hand down and rested it on my thigh. I sat like that for what felt like an eternity. I could feel my clit throbbing and wetness run down my leg.
"Good girl. You may touch your nipples and insert your toy half way again," his voice said soothingly.
I wasted no time getting it seated back inside of me, and I tugged furiously on my nipples. I knew they would be sore in the morning.
Just when I thought I was going to cry out again, begging him to let me fuck myself, he told me to do exactly that.
"Now you are going to fuck yourself little girl, hard and fast, like I will when I take that pussy. You will not cum though."
I groaned at his last words, but I began to pound the dildo into my pussy. I gasped and moaned as I pounded it harder and faster. I felt my orgasm building and wondered what I would do when I was about to cum. I wondered how I would stop it.
"Stop!" he commanded. Loss and relief flooded me at the same moment. I loved how it felt and I didn't want it to stop, but I knew that if I had continued I would have cum.
"Now take it out and rub it over your clit again butterfly."
I did as he said and was surprised to find my clit large and swollen. That had never happened before. After several minutes of gently rubbing he instructed me to fuck my pussy hard again. This went back and forth for what felt like hours. I was so slick with wetness that I would often lose grip of the dildo. Now, even when he would tell me to stop fucking myself and just rub my clit, I was barely able to calm down. And my clit was now so swollen that when I fucked myself I often grazed it.
"Now little girl, you will fuck yourself harder and faster than you have, but you still will not cum until I tell you to."
I followed his instructions. I fucked myself harder and faster than I ever had. I felt my orgasm building and I pushed it aside, yet it came back stronger. I did this several times, internally begging him to let me stop fucking myself before I came. When the urge to cum came on again, it was so strong I wasn't sure how I was going to stop it.
"Cum for me butterfly."
At his words I sent myself over the edge. My body convulsed and I let out a scream. I watched in amazement as stream after stream of liquid shot from my body. I had seen women squirt while watching porn, but I had never squirted myself. My orgasm continued for over a minute. When I was done, I collapsed into a heap on the bed.
"Did you enjoy your reward butterfly?" he asked. "You may speak."
"Yes Sir," I said in a breathless whisper.
"Good. Now you will sleep little one. I will call again tomorrow. Will you be ready to serve me again? You may speak."
"Yes Sir," I answered truthfully. I heard the phone click and I barely had enough energy to hang up the phone and pull the covers over my completely relaxed body.
When I woke, I still felt like jello. I wondered if it had all been a dream, or a figment of my imagination, but when I saw the now dry spot that I had created the night before, I knew for sure that it had all happened. At least it was Friday, and I could sleep in tomorrow.
Work seemed to go more quickly than the day before and I even laughed to myself when Jessica bragged about going to a hot new club tonight with her hot new boyfriend who knew how to, as she put it, "dine at the Y".
By the time I got home and climbed into bed I was wetter than the night before and on the verge of orgasm.
"Hello butterfly," he said when I picked up the phone a few minutes after climbing into bed. "How are you tonight? You may speak."
"I am fine Sir."
"Good job waiting for me to tell you to speak butterfly, but you will not address yourself as I. You will speak only of yourself as butterfly, or not at all. Do you understand? You may speak."
"Yes Sir," I said quickly.
"Tell me that you understand butterfly."
"Yes Sir, butterfly understands."
"Oh good girl. You learn quickly. Let me see how my butterfly can be rewarded."
I smiled at his praise and my heart beat faster at his promise of a reward.
"Last night my butterfly came hard and she squirted. Sir doesn't think butterfly has ever squirted before. Is Sir correct?"
I nodded.
"Did butterfly enjoy squirting?"
I nodded again. I was pretty sure he could see me, and besides, he hadn't told me to speak.
"My butterfly is a good little girl cumming like that for her Sir, but she needs to learn to control her orgasms much more if she is going to continue pleasing her Sir. If she can barely control them when she is pleasuring herself, what will she do when her Sir is fucking her little pussy with his cock?"
His words excited me and I began to rub my legs together.
"Stop moving little girl," he commanded.
I froze.
"Such a greedy little cum slut, aren't you?"
I still sat there frozen. He hadn't told me to speak so I didn't have to answer his question. I didn't want to acknowledge his words even with a nod. I had never been called anything like a cum slut in my life.
"It's ok butterfly. Sir likes it that you like to cum for your Sir, that your wetness flows freely from your body when you hear your Sir's voice. I like that you're a little cum slut."
It was as if he were speaking directly into my core. His words were like none I'd ever heard before, but they turned me on and were so erotic. I knew in my head that I should be offended. A stranger was calling me a slut, and instead of hanging up, or arguing, I found myself more turned on than I ever had been in my life. The wetness that had been gathering in my curls was now actually dripping onto the bed. I had never dripped like that before.
"You are a little cum slut, aren't you?"
I nodded. I didn't care. I would say or do anything to keep this feeling going, to feel what I had felt last night.
"Say it. Speak."
"Yes, butterfly is a little cum slut."
"Good girl, my good little cum slut."
I smiled.
"Now, little one, I want you to take two fingers and run them through your dripping folds."
I quickly pressed my hand to my throbbing heat and ran two fingers up my slick slit. I shivered at the feeling as they pressed against my clit.
"Hold them up for me to see butterfly."
I held my glistening fingers up.
"Taste them, butterfly. Taste yourself."
I hesitated. I had never actually tasted my own cum. I wasn't a big fan of guys' cum. I was a bit curious as to what mine tasted like.
"You will do as you are told little girl. You will taste yourself right now."
I brought my two fingers to my lips and my tongue came out and quickly flicked at them. The taste was citrusy, tangy.
"That's a good little girl. Do you like your taste?"
I nodded. I wasn't sure if I actually liked it, but it wasn't awful.
"Suck on your fingers cum slut. You will need to learn how to suck your cum from my cock." I popped my fingers into my mouth and began sucking. "My butterfly will suck all of her cum from my cock after her Sir has fucked that sweet little pussy raw."
"Oh God," I groaned as I continued sucking on my fingers feeling a gush of liquid leave my body. I could actually feel my clit throbbing.
"Did anyone tell you to speak little girl?" Sir said in a stern voice.
Oh shit. I had forgotten. I quickly shook my head.
"My little cum slut likes the idea of her Sir's cock dripping with her cum doesn't she?"
I nodded, relieved he wasn't going to stop, although the tension building between my legs was now getting to be too much to ignore.
"My little butterfly needs to cum doesn't she?"
I nodded my head furiously still sucking vigorously on my fingers.
"Well butterfly has to wait until Sir thinks that it is a good time. You will wait won't you?"
I nodded my head, although I wasn't sure how much longer I could hold off.
"Lie back on the bed and spread your legs wide. Sir wants to see that pink pussy." I lay back on the bed, glad to be off of my knees. I seemed to always get to my knees when I was talking to him. "Keep sucking on your fingers, but spread your pussy lips wide with your other hand. Your Sir wants to see how wet and swollen his little girl is."
I used my other hand to spread my pussy lips. My one fingertip grazed my clit and my body convulsed.
I somehow controlled my body, though panting hard, I didn't cum.
"Good girl. Now gather more of your wetness to suck on. Be careful not to touch your clit little girl." I scooped up the liquid that was now pooling on my inner thigh and popped my fingers back into my mouth. My taste flooded my mouth again.
"Suck your fingers as you will your Sir's cock after I fuck you. You will be expected to clean it thoroughly each time after I fuck you so that I may take your body again and again until I am satisfied. Do you understand?"
His words had me on the edge of cumming. I had never been this close before without even touching myself. I tried to still my hips, but I knew that they were wiggling. I sucked harder and even bit down on my fingers so that I wouldn't cum.
"Would you like to cum for your Sir?" he asked playfully.
I nodded.
"You may speak."
"Please let butterfly cum for you Sir."
"Yes butterfly, you may cum, but you may not touch yourself."
Oh fuck. Was it possible? I already knew the answer, because as soon as he told me that I could cum, I felt it building.
"Cum for me butterfly," he whispered.
I screamed out in ecstasy as I felt every muscle tense up and then release. I sighed as the gush of liquid left my body. I continued to suck on my fingers, which were now void of any of my flavor.
"Sir enjoyed that butterfly, but he wishes to see you better. Tomorrow you will go to Denali's at 12:00. Give them your name, and they will help you to please me."
I nodded, though I had no idea what he was talking about. All that I knew was that Denali's was an upscale hair salon.
"Repeat what you will be doing. You may speak freely."
"Tomorrow butterfly will go to Denali's at 12:00 tomorrow and tell them my name."
"Good girl. Good night butterfly."
"Thank you Sir. Thank you for tonight. Will you be calling tomorrow?"
He chuckled. "Yes little one. I will be calling you several times tomorrow."
I sighed. "Thank you Sir."
"Good night butterfly."
"Good night Sir."
The first call came moments after I had woken up. My feet had just hit the carpet when the phone rang. "Hello," I said in a deep morning voice.
"Oh, don't you sound sexy butterfly. And you look even more spectacular."
I felt the blush creep up my chest and rest on my cheeks.
"What a beautiful pink blush. Pretty pink like that sweet pussy of yours. Show your Sir your pussy this morning."
Without hesitation I lie back on the bed and spread my legs wide. I wondered if he could see into my room during the day, but when he said, "Oh, it's still puffy and swollen, butterfly." I had no doubt that he could.
"Is my little girl wet again at hearing her Sir's voice, or is my little girl such a slut that she is just always wet?"
I closed my legs slightly in embarrassment at his comment. I knew not to answer his question.
"Who told you to close your legs little girl? Keep them spread wide, like you will when I fuck you. Or will Sir need to tie your legs so that you keep them spread giving me full access to that dripping wet pussy?"
I lay there trembling. His words were true. My pussy was now actually dripping again. I resisted the urge to touch my swollen lips.
"Today is all about learning what I like. Every morning you will present yourself like this for your Sir. Do you understand butterfly? You may speak."
"Yes Sir," I said, feeling liquid gush from my body.
"Does my little cum slut want to cum?"
"Yes Sir," I groaned.
"Cum for me, little slut. You have five minutes to make yourself cum."
"What if butterfly can't?" I asked in panic.
"Let's not find out, little girl. Besides, I doubt a little slut like you will have any trouble cumming for her Sir. Four and a half minutes little girl."
I scrambled for my toy and jammed it into my swollen pussy. "Oh God," I moaned as it slid in easily. The thick shaft of the dildo pushed wetness out and all over my hand.
"That's it little one, fuck yourself as I would."
Oh shit. His voice was my undoing. I'm not sure how long I lasted, but I was cumming in less than five minutes. It was probably more like three.
"You are such a little slut, do you know that?" he chuckled.
"Yes Sir," I panted.
"Now get dressed, and wait for me to call again."
At 11:30, just as I was about to walk out the door, the phone rang again. All that he said was, "Enjoy Denali's."
I had already googled it and had gotten the address to put into my GPS. It wouldn't take but fifteen minutes to get there, but I didn't want to be late. It was uncanny as to how he seemed to know my every move, my every thought.
After nearly twenty minutes and driving around the block twice looking for parking, I walked into the chic salon. I hoped that my Sir didn't want me to get my hair cut really short, or styled in some crazy way.
A woman who looked like a runway model was sitting behind a desk at the front door. When she saw me she turned up her nose like she was smelling dog poop.
"Is there something I can do for you?" she said in a voice that clearly told me that she really didn't want to do anything for me
"I have an appointment," I stammered.
"Your name?" she asked in disbelief.
My mind raced. What the hell was I supposed to say? My Sir didn't know my name. Would he have just made the reservation under butterfly?
"Oh, you must be butterfly," a woman said walking up to me.
I nodded dumbly. I was a professional, independent woman, but here, I just felt out of my league.
"My name is Kate, and I will be taking care of you today. Will you please come with me?"
I nodded and walked behind her.
Three hours later, after a manicure, pedicure, massage and my first Brazilian wax, I followed Kate back to the front of the salon.
"Thank you so much for a wonderful day. How much do I owe you?" I asked pulling out my wallet.
"Oh, it's been taken care of," she said with a smile.
"Oh wow," I said, stunned. "At least let me give you a tip."
"Oh no, that has been taken care of too. Just enjoy your evening. See you soon."
"Yes, for your next appointment. Tanya will schedule it for you. Three weeks should be perfect Tanya," she said to the woman behind the counter.
"Thanks so much Kate," I said smiling.
"It was my pleasure. Now I have other ladies to attend to," she said and walked back down the hall.
I sighed and turned towards the icy receptionist.
"Does this day and time work for you?" she asked in a clipped tone.
"Yeah, works great," I answered.
"Fine, then 11:00 on Saturday in three weeks."
She handed me a reminder card which I quickly took and walked out of the salon. When I got to my car I glanced at the card and gasped in shock. Written in large swirly letters on the appointment card, above my appointment date and time, was my name. And I don't mean 'butterfly' I mean 'Bella Swan'.
Thoughts rushed through my head. How did she know my name? The answer was obvious. My Sir must have told her. But then, how did he know my name? Well he did know where I lived and my phone number. It didmake sense that he would know my name. It all made sense, yet somehow I still felt uneasy. What was it about him knowing my name that made me nervous and excited at the same time? And then it occurred to me, it made it real.
On my way home, as I pondered the reality of the situation, another thought occurred to me. I had accepted a gift from a stranger. I hadn't seen the prices at the salon, but I was sure my bill would have been well over two hundred dollars for all of the services. I had taken a gift in exchange for what? Sexual favors? He hadn't asked anything of me other than to perform for him, but wasn't that a sexual favor? What if he wanted more? He had said he was going to fuck me. What if he wanted to fuck me tonight?
I was tense again by the time I pulled into my parking space despite the massage. When my phone rang I picked it up cautiously.
"Relax butterfly. I know what you are thinking, and you owe me nothing."
I sat there stunned. He always seemed to know what I was thinking and feeling. I let out a sigh. Was that a good thing? Did that mean he wasn't expecting sex? Was I disappointed?
"I do want you, my butterfly. But know this, when my cock fills that pussy, it will be because you have given yourself freely to your Sir, mind, body and soul."
I nodded my head, even though I knew he couldn't see me.
"Your Sir is pleased with what you did with your body. Go inside and relax. I will call you before bedtime butterfly."
He did, and he led me to another glorious orgasm, as he did twice on Sunday and every night for the next week. He even called me Thursday morning causing me to be late for work, something I didn't mind in the least.
Work was going better as well. The new project I had been assigned to work on was a wrestling video game. Jessica was bearable because she was dazzled by the two artists running the game, and the fact that they didn't seem a bit interested in her, made it all the more amusing for me. I didn't blame her for being attracted to them, they were both good looking, and one of them Edward, seemed interested in me, although I wasn't interested in anyone other than my Sir. It seemed like my entire life was getting better!
By the following Friday night I was used to our routine. I would come home from work, make dinner, sometimes watch a little TV, other times read a book, and then head to bed. It seemed I was going to bed earlier and earlier each night. I would undress, climb onto the mattress, and wait on my knees at the foot of the bed for him to call. Occasionally he asked me to wear lingerie, but usually I was nude. I would kneel there, dripping until the phone rang. My body was now conditioned, after only two weeks, to respond to the phone ringing and the soft, yet commanding tone of his voice.
After eating a panini and watching a classic movie on A&E, I headed to bed. My Sir hadn't asked me to wear anything in particular tonight, so I stripped down naked and knelt on the mattress at the foot of the bed. The phone rang instantly. I was surprised. My Sir usually made me wait for him.
I picked up the phone and held it to my ear waiting for him to speak.
"You look beautiful butterfly," he said making me smile. "I have been pleased by you for nearly two weeks now. Everything that I have asked of you, you have done. Sir would like his butterfly to present herself for inspection."
I thought I was presenting myself for him. I straightened my back and thrust my chest out, as he had taught me to do over the past week. I heard him chuckle. "No, butterfly. Sir is happy with how you have presented yourself so far. Sir would like to come and inspect his little girl in person."
My heart started hammering in my chest. He wanted to meet me, physically. When? Where? What would happen? All of those questions popped into my head instantly.
"I will come and inspect you in thirty minutes butterfly. I will come to your apartment. You will be in the ready position just as you are now. The only difference is that you will be wearing a blindfold. That is not an option; that is a requirement. When I am inspecting you, I will not touch you, although you will know I am there. Would you like to do this to please your Sir? You may speak."
"Yes Sir," I said without thinking. The time for thinking and being afraid began about ten minutes later. Right before he had hung up, he told me to put one of my scarves on as a blindfold, unlock the door and wait in that same position on the bed.
As I knelt there, nude, in an unlocked apartment, I began to realize the absurdity of the situation. I was waiting for a stranger to come and do what he wanted with my body. He could be anyone. He could do anything to me. I was making a really dumb and dangerous decision. Just as I was seriously considering taking off the blindfold and going to lock the door, I heard it open.
My heart was racing. I heard him walk down the hall and push open my bedroom door. Then I heard my light switch click off. They were already dimmed, but now my room was completely dark, and with my blindfold on, I couldn't even see shadows.
"Hello butterfly," he whispered. Even though I knew that he was coming, I still jumped.
"Oh butterfly, don't be afraid. I'm not going to hurt you. I'm not even going to touch you," he said his voice getting closer.
I could feel him standing right next to me. "Your body is even more beautiful in person than it is from afar. And your scent. Your scent pleases your Sir." I knew I was smiling from ear to ear.
"So wet, for her Sir. Such a good girl," he purred in my ear, causing another gush of wetness to escape my body and run down my thigh. I could feel his breath as it ghosted over my skin causing my entire body to be covered in goose bumps. Although I couldn't see him, and he didn't touch me, I could feel him as he moved around my body. Having him this close, and yet not touching me was torture. I knew that he stood in front of me. I could feel his eyes as they stared at my breasts. I could feel the gentle puffs of air as he exhaled right over my nipple. I thrust my chest forward, hoping for any form of contact.
"Such a greedy little slut, aren't you?" he chuckled as I both heard and felt him move away from me. "You want to feel your Sir's hands caressing every inch of your body don't you?" I nodded my head. "Well, little girls don't get to tell their Sirs what to do. You will wait for me to touch you. Do you understand? Speak."
"Yes," I squeaked out.
"And little girl, what makes you think that I will be gentle? What makes you think that it will be soft caresses? I will do with your body what I want. I might want to pinch it, see how pink I can turn that ass, squeeze your nipples harder than you ever have, punish that wet pussy with my cock until you can't walk. Are you prepared to give your body to your Sir to use for his pleasure?"
My mind was reeling. He had just threatened, no promised, to hurt me and instead of being afraid, I was turned on as fuck. Holy shit, what the hell was wrong with me? I could hear my ragged breathing.
"Are you ready to give your entire body, your will over to your Sir for his pleasure?" He paused. "Speak."
"Yes Sir," I exhaled. Oh god, I had actually said it. I had agreed to let him take my body. I had never even seen him for fuck's sake, but I wanted nothing more than to please him and to get pleasure from pleasing him.
"That pleases Sir," he said. "I am going to leave in a moment. You will wait one minute and then remove your blindfold. There will be papers on the kitchen table. Fill them out as best as you can." I heard him open my bedroom door to leave. "And my little slut," he added from what sounded like the hall, "since you thrust your chest at me, trying to get me to touch you, you will not cum tonight."
I heard the front door close and I waited for at least a minute and a half before I removed the blindfold.
I walked into the kitchen and on the table there was a handwritten note, several pieces of paper and a key. I sat down and read the note.
Dearest butterfly,
You pleased me today when you presented your body for inspection and even more so when you offered it to me for my use. I want to make sure you fully understand what it means to submit your body to me for my pleasure. When you give yourself to me, your body will become mine to do with as I want. Sometimes my hands may be kind, and other times they may be rough and demanding, and as my submissive, you will give yourself to me to do with as I see fit. Know that you may not always like what I say or do, but you will always be safe.
I have given you a survey to complete to make sure that we are compatible. Please take your time on it and answer honestly. If you have any questions, we can discuss them when I call later this afternoon.
As for the key, that is a key to the elevator. You will find my playroom located on the top floor of this building. Use the key to get to the penthouse. Once in the penthouse, my playroom is located behind the red door. I would like you to go to the playroom tomorrow after lunch. You will place your completed survey in the room. You will explore the room and become familiar with the equipment there. I encourage you to touch or try anything that you like. If you have questions, you may ask me when I call you.
I read the letter twice, stopping both times at the part where he stated that my body was his to do with as he saw fit. I wasn't sure why it excited me so much, but it did.
I was also shocked by the revelation that his playroom was in my building. I knew a bit about playrooms from an erotic story I had read online, but the fact that it was in my building meant that he probably lived in my building! That thought both excited and terrified me. Maybe I knew him, had met him. The thoughts ricocheted through my head.
For a distraction, I picked up the packet of papers, starting to read the instructions.
For each of these activities you mark whether or not you have experienced it and how much it appealed to you at the time. If you have not experienced that particular activity, your rating relates to the degree of satisfaction you think you would derive from that activity.
- Activities marked with the word 'limit' indicate your limits.
- '0' indicates that this activity, while not a limit, is very undesirable.
- '1' indicates that this activity is undesirable.
- '2' indicates that you are neutral in regard to this activity.
- '3' indicates that this activity is desirable.
- '4' indicates that this activity is very desirable.
- N/Aindicates activities which you feel are not applicable to you. (CBT if you are a female sub, for instance...)
It looked like a standard form, one he didn't create and I wondered why he was having me fill it out. I had never said no to him. Why did he think that there was anything that I wouldn't do? I sighed and flipped to the first page. By the third page, I knew why. There were lots of things that I wouldn't want to do. I tried to be open minded, but when it asked about diapers, I knew that I was walking into a whole new world. It turned out that there were a few things that I had hard limits on and that I wouldn't do. There were also a few things that I had to look up on the internet. I wasn't sure what the difference between a flogger, whip and crop were. I am now! I wasn't sure about any of them, but I was intrigued, so I marked them as twos. When I finished it, I read it over twice making sure I still wanted what I had marked.
While most nights I was excited to go to bed, tonight I was dreading it. I didn't want to climb in bed knowing he wasn't going to call, knowing he wasn't going to help me bring myself amazing pleasure.
I went anyway. I climbed into bed and pulled the covers up. I fought back the tears. I realized that it wasn't so much that I wasn't going to cum tonight, but that I had disappointed my Sir. Although I lay there for a long time, sleep was almost claiming me when my phone rang. I reached for it and answered it quickly.
"Good night butterfly. Your Sir was calling you tonight to say that even though he was disappointed in butterfly's response to him, and she will still not cum tonight, Sir is very pleased with his little girl." He spoke slowly and calmly. "Sir wants to be sure that butterfly will not confuse the need for a punishment with the amount of pleasure she gives her Sir. Do you understand? Speak."
"Yes Sir, butterfly understands," I said.
"What do you understand?" he asked. "You may continue to speak."
"That butterfly deserved this punishment."
"Yes that part is true, little one. But you also deserve my care. Just because you disappoint me, doesn't mean that I don't want you. All that it means is that you will learn from your mistakes."
I smiled. I felt much better, much more accepted.
"Now, my little one, I need you to go to sleep. You will need your rest for tomorrow."
He hung up and a shiver went up my spine. He said I would need my rest. What did he mean? I knew I was going to see his playroom tomorrow. Would I need my rest for that? My mind raced through all of the possibilities and at some point in my fantasizing, I was lost in sleep.
I woke up after a night of steamy dreams extremely frustrated. He called but all that he said was, "Good morning butterfly," and hung up.
I went for a run, showered and ate breakfast but I still had hours to go until lunch. I was excited to see the playroom and time seemed to be standing still. I busied myself paying bills, cleaning my apartment, and reading a bit. I hurriedly ate a light lunch and when it was finally time to go, I picked up the keys to head to the elevator. The phone rang stopping me.
"A little excited butterfly?" he chuckled into the phone. I could feel the blush on my cheeks. "It's ok butterfly. Don't be embarrassed. Sir is pleased that you are so eager. There are a few instructions, and then you may go and explore." I nodded my head, somehow knowing he could see me.
Ten minutes later the elevator doors were opening to reveal an extremely elegant penthouse. I recalled his instructions. After using the elevator key to get to the penthouse, find the red playroom door. It is right off the living room. I saw the door immediately and walked over to it. When you are in the playroom, clothing is never to be worn. Today, however, I will allow you to wear your bra and panties. You will strip down outside of the door.I removed my clothes as his words replayed in my head. Standing in a black bra and thong, I slowly opened the door.
I had spent the day preparing myself for what I might see, yet I still stood there in shock. It was nothing like I had imagined. Somehow, in my mind it looked like some sort of a torture chamber, with cinderblock walls and chains hanging everywhere. This room looked elegant, beautiful, classy. Three walls were a dark grey while one wall was black leather. The walls were covered in erotic art. There were many framed black charcoal drawings, with vague faces, but detailed body parts. There were also various types of whips, floggers and paddles hanging on the walls. I wasn't sure if they were for decoration or if they were actually used.
Couches, chairs, and a few benches were placed throughout the room. There was a dark, wrought iron bed in the corner of the room. There were several dressers against one of the walls. I walked in, feeling the hardwood against my bare feet. I loved the sensation of hot against cold and knew that I would also love the way the leather felt on my skin. The purpose of some pieces of furniture was very clear, like the whipping bench, while other pieces, like the couches, seemed to be there for decoration, or perhaps the comfort of my Sir. Walking towards the center of the room, I ran my fingertips across the back of a leather chair and realized that it had rings in several places where someone could easily be bound in various positions. When I looked more closely at the other pieces of furniture I found that they were the same with places to bind someone. The thought of being bound to the different chairs and benches had me aroused I could feel my panties getting wet.
I walked around the room looking closely at everything remembering his words. Do not be afraid to touch anything or explore anything. My hands grazed lightly over the wood on the dresser. I opened the top drawer. It was filled with all sorts of creams and lotions. I continued my exploration finding drawers containing nipple clamps, anal plugs, and an assortment of vibrators and dildos, along with numerous items I could not name nor tell their purpose.
I glanced at the bed, but before I could go over to investigate, something on the leather wall caught my attention. It was a metal ring. When I looked closer, I could see that there were metal rings hanging flat against the wall at varying locations. I wondered if this wall could be used like the furniture to secure someone in a particular position. Thoughts of being bound to the wall, like I once saw a woman bound to a St. Andrew 's cross, had me feeling light headed.
I turned my attention back to the bed and walked over to it. There were no pillows or blankets on the bed, just a simple black sheet; however there was a pile of pillows on the floor in the corner, one pillow resembling a dog bed.
I ran my hands across the sheets imagining myself in this bed. Would my Sir take me in this bed, claiming me as his? Or would he ask me to perform for him, as I perform for him at home? If he did take me, how would he do it? Would he fuck me hard, or would he make love to me? Somewhere I heard a clock chime two, bringing me out of my musings. I had been there almost an hour and I still had not completed my assignment.
When you are finished exploring the room, you will write in your journal. He hadn't explained more, but when I looked around the room again, I noticed a small book on a table near the door. I walked over and picked it up, feeling the soft blue velvet of the cover. Picking up the pen that had been lying alongside of it, I walked over and sat in a comfortable looking chair. I opened the book and found that he had already written in it. It was the same perfect penmanship from the letter in my apartment. Tell me your thoughts on the playroom. Tell me what you found that you think you will enjoy and what you found that you are curious about.
I wrote my reactions to the playroom. I wrote that I thought I would enjoy the ropes and handcuffs that I had found, and that I was curious about the nipple devices and the various whips, floggers, and paddles. When I finished writing I set the book back on the table. I stood to leave and looked at the chair in horror. Where I had been sitting was a small wet spot. I had clearly soaked through my panties. And of most importance, you will treat the playroom with respect. You will always leave it exactly as you found it unless I tell you otherwise. It is your job to keep it clean.His words echoed through my head.I stared again at the spot. What was I going to do? I needed a rag. I slipped out of the playroom and back into the penthouse. I looked around for anything I could use. The first thing I spotted was the clothing I had taken off. I grabbed my shirt and moved quickly back into the playroom. I wiped the spot until I was sure it looked exactly as it had. I stood up and gave the room one last glance around. I hoped that I would be back soon, and that this time my Sir would be here with me.
I felt a sense of loss as I left the room and traveled the six floors to my apartment. I tried to enjoy my Saturday afternoon, but it seemed to have no purpose. I wanted to go out, but I didn't want to leave my phone in case he called. He did. He called around three in the afternoon and told me to meet him in the playroom at 8:00. My heart was once again racing.
At 8:00 I stood outside the red door completely nude. I felt vulnerable. I knew my Sir had seen me nude many times, but somehow this was different. I opened the door. The room was different than it had been this afternoon. It was no longer brightly lit. There were lit candles scattered around the room and on the table in front of me there were several items and a note.
These items will be used tonight butterfly. After becoming familiar with them, put on the blindfold and wait for Sir in the ready position on the bench.
My heart started beating wildly as I looked at the items. My eyes were drawn first to the dildo. It was glass with small nubs on it. I knew it would feel good. I also saw a small silver bullet, a length of rope and two black rubber tube-like items. I recognized them as nipple suction cups I had seen online. I was disappointed that I wouldn't get to see my Sir, but the excitement of wearing a blindfold made up for it.
I climbed up onto the bench and tied the dark blue silk over my eyes. I heard the door open and by the sound of his footsteps coming towards me I could tell he was barefoot. The thought of him being nude had wetness flowing down my legs.
"What a beautiful butterfly," he whispered in my ear causing me to visibly shiver. "Are you ready for this little girl?" I nodded. "When my little butterfly is feeling safe and ready for her Sir, she will tell him that she is on a Lily. Do you understand?" I nodded again. "What flower are you on butterfly? Speak."
"Lily Sir," I replied softly.
"Good girl. Now if butterfly becomes uncomfortable and wants Sir to slow down or needs to take a break, butterfly will say that she is on rose. Roses have thorns, so when you think of roses, think of your Sir having to slow down and be careful. What will butterfly say if she needs Sir to slow down? Speak."
"Rose, Sir."
"Good girl. And if butterfly needs Sir to stop completely, she will say mum. Mums are the flower of death. It will end what we are doing, and our session. Only say mum if you are sure you want Sir to stop. Do you understand? Speak."
"Yes Sir."
"Good girl, now what flower are you on butterfly?"
"Lily Sir," I sighed.
"That pleases Sir," he said, running his fingertips along my cheek. I practically came from his touch. I moaned as I felt the wetness coating my thighs. His hand slipped over my cheekbone and into my hair. Gripping my hair tightly he pulled my head back so that my face was tilted up to his. "Are you ready to please Sir with your body?" I whimpered in response. I felt his lips brush lightly against mine. I started to kiss him back but he tugged quickly on my hair. "Eager little slut aren't we?" he chuckled, kissing me again. This time I kept still, waiting for him. He brushed his tongue against my lip and I opened for him. He explored my mouth with his tongue, only pausing for me to get quick breaths of air. While keeping a tight hold of my hair with one hand, the other hand gently rubbed my cheek then moved down my neck to my breasts. He palmed one, gave it a gentle squeeze and then pinched my nipple softly. What sounded like a growl came from in his chest as I felt something cool and wet on my nipple that I could only assume was his tongue. As he sucked my breast into his mouth I moved my hands to his head to pull him in closer. Before my fingers could get anywhere near him, he had pulled back and had both of my wrists in his hands.
"What the hell do you think you are doing little girl?" he growled. "Sir never told you to move. You will not touch Sir unless directed to. Is that clear?"
I nodded trembling. "S…sorry Sir," I stuttered.
"Sir did not tell you to speak."
I could tell from his tone he was angry. His words were clipped and it sounded like he was trying to hold back rage. I wanted so much to beg for forgiveness. To ask if we could start again, but I knew better than to speak again. After what felt like an eternity he moved. He let go of my wrists and walked behind me, only to grab them again. I felt the rope being wound around them. They were now bound tightly behind my back. He pressed me forward so that my chest and face were now on the bench and my ass was in the air.
"That was a mistake little girl. Sir will punish you." My heart was racing. "What flower are you on butterfly?"
I thought for a moment. Though I was frightened, I didn't want him to stop. "Lilly," I squeaked.
"Sir will use his hand today little one, and only five punishment strokes." His hand was hard and swift. I moaned in pain and pleasure at each slap. When he was finished he pulled me back upright.
"Now, you will stay still little one, or Sir will find a less desirable punishment, perhaps leaving you here alone for a while."
I didn't want to be left alone. I wanted to feel his hands on me. I nodded my head and sat still in the waiting position. I felt his hands move all over my body. They were cool and hard like stone, yet soft as they touched me. I concentrated on not moving as he caressed and stroked me. His hands found their way to my breasts again, and this time he squeezed with both hands. When his mouth took my nipple into it I groaned, but kept very still. "Such a good girl, but such a little slut," he said, lowering his hand while he continued to suck pulling my nipple farther into his mouth.
His fingers slid between my slick folds and I groaned loudly. "Such a wet little slut. You want to cum don't you?" I nodded my head. "You will not cum until Sir says, is that clear?" I nodded again as he thrust a finger into me. I fought the urge to arch my back and grind my pussy into his hand. I wanted more, I needed more. As if he knew, he added a second finger and began pumping it in and out of me quickly as he sucked harder. I felt my orgasm build so fast I didn't think I could stop it, especially if I couldn't move. Again sensing my difficulty he stopped his fingers. "Not yet butterfly," he said. I bit my lip hard trying to stop the feeling that was still building. "Such a good girl. Would you like to cum now?" I nodded my head. "Not yet, butterfly," he chuckled. He pressed his fingers back into me slowly. I groaned loudly. With each movement he flicked his thumb across my clit. I felt the orgasm building again. My legs began to tremble. Licking his way up my stomach, he said, right before he roughly sucked my breast into his mouth, "Cum for me butterfly."
And I did.
Oh, I did.
With his words I released all of the tension I had been holding. It escaped from my body in the form of a loud groan and a wetness I could feel squirting from my body.
"That was beautiful butterfly," he said, popping my breast from his mouth. "My little cum slut likes it when Sir is rough with her. Doesn't she?" I nodded, breathless. "Are you tired little one?" I nodded again. "Too bad because I'm not. I'm going to untie your hands, but you are not to move them." I nodded. He untied my wrists and massaged them. "Lay on your stomach butterfly," he commanded. I lie down on the bench feeling the extent of my wetness coat my breasts, my arms now at my sides. "You are a little cum slut aren't you?" he said as he spread my legs over the sides of the bench and pulled me down to the edge. I felt the wetness slide under my body. My hair and face was now wet from it as well.
"Are you ready to get fucked? You may speak."
I whimpered, "Yes Sir."
I felt the glass dildo press against me and then rub along my slit. Over and over he teased me. Finally, when I thought I could take no more, he slowly pressed the dildo into me. He worked it in and out slowly at a maddening pace. I needed it harder, faster, anything to give me the release he was now building inside of me. I groaned in frustration. He stopped moving all together and pulled out the dildo.
"We can stop anytime you want to. Is that what you want little girl?" I shook my head. "Then, little girl, you will accept the way in which I use your body, and be grateful if I let you cum. Is that clear?"
I nodded again hoping and praying that he would continue. To my relief, he resumed his movements, though they seemed even slower and more painstaking. I was careful to be quiet this time and did not move or make a sound while he tortured me with pleasure. Slowly my orgasm built. I was sure that he was going to tell me to hold off, but as it was getting too intense to bear, he whispered, "Cum when you're ready butterfly."
I allowed the sensation to build for a moment more and then gave myself over to it, rejoicing in the euphoric feeling that flooded my body. I didn't get to bask in the afterglow for long. It wasn't even five seconds before he spoke.
"I bet you liked that butterfly. I bet my girl liked it when her Sir fucked her slow. But now we're going to see if my little cum slut can totally give her body to her Sir. I am going to use your body for my pleasure little one." I felt my heart race at his words, the excitement building at the thought of him finding pleasure in me.
"Are you ready butterfly?"
I nodded.
"Because I will not stop using your body for my pleasure until I am completely satisfied. It doesn't matter to me if you cum or not. You may cum as often and whenever you like, you may make as much noise as you like, and say what you like, as long as you are respectful. But know that, no matter what you say, I will continue using that hot little body until I'm finished, unless you say the safe word. And if you say that word, it will be done and I will not start again. Do you remember the safe word butterfly? Speak."
"Yes Sir," I said breathlessly.
"Good, then get up on your hands and knees. Now!"
I scrambled to get my knees up on the bench and braced myself for what was about to come. He reached under me and grabbed my breast roughly. I loved when I squeezed and pinched my own nipples during sex, but when he did it, it felt amazing. I let out a low groan and threw my head back.
"Such sweet tits my little girl has." I gasped in surprise as I felt him place the nipple suction device on one breast and then the other. It felt amazing. It was just a gentle tug. I felt him press the dildo back into me, but this time his movements were quicker. His speed increased quickly and within a few minutes I was screaming out as my third orgasm rocketed through me. I had had three orgasms in one night a few times in my life, but never this close together and never this intense. Before I could register what was happening I heard the bullet click on and felt it being pressed into my clit.
"Holy shit," I screamed, trying to calm from my orgasm. That was not going to happen. He was still fucking me hard and fast with the dildo while his other hand was moving and pressing the bullet between my pussy lips.
My fourth orgasm came quickly as did my fifth and sixth and so on. My legs were shaking and my body was covered in sweat as he continued to pound the dildo into my pussy and rock the bullet back and forth over my engorged clit. I began to wonder if it were possible to die from too many orgasms. Several times he had removed the nipple suckers to pull and tug on my nipple, replacing them when he was finished. Each time I had cum harder than the last.
I never considered using the safe word for fear that it would not only end our night, but it would end us totally. And, though my body was aching for rest, the fact that I was pleasing him made me feel good and for that reason I didn't want it to end. But it did end. And with mixed sadness and relief he pulled the dildo from me one final time. My muscles trembled.
"That was beautiful butterfly," he said softly. I felt his hands on my body as he lifted me effortlessly from the bench and held me in his arms. He set me down on what felt like the couch. "What flower are you on butterfly?" he asked as he massaged my legs and arms.
"Lilly Sir," I said as my limbs ceased to shake.
"Good girl," he said. "Now, I am going to leave. Take as long as you want to lie here. Then you may use the bathroom and the shower to clean up, and of course you will clean the playroom. You have made quite a mess in here little girl," he chuckled.
I heard him leave and the door click closed. I waited a minute before removing my blindfold. The room was dimly lit, but even from where I was, I could see the puddle on the bench.
An hour later, after showering and cleaning the playroom, this time with rags from the bathroom, I was in my bed fast asleep dreaming of returning to the playroom. I didn't have to dream long. My Sir had me back in the playroom the very next day. In fact, he had me in the playroom a few times during the week. Each time he would push me a bit further. It was never like that first night, where it seemed like he was testing me. No, after that night, it was more like he was training me. And these were lessons that I loved. He was an excellent teacher, slow and patient in training me to do exactly what he liked. If I was a good student, I was always rewarded with an amazing orgasm. If I was not, if I got distracted, like I did once when my mind drifted to a concern I was having about the team I was now working with at work, I would not be rewarded. In fact that day, I was punished by my Sir not calling me for twenty-four hours. It was the worst punishment possible.
Although those twenty-four hours were hell, it did lead to something wonderful. The next time we met in the playroom after that punishment, my Sir allowed me to touch him for the first time. I still had never seen him or touched him, so when I learned that I was going to be able to take his length into my mouth; I almost came on the spot. And it was wonderful. The words he whispered as his hands caressed my breasts while my lips and tongue glided over him repeatedly made me feel like the most special person in the world.
We even had a few sessions outside of the playroom. These were not traditional sessions, but they were still lessons on obedience and how to please my Sir. He had me dress or act certain ways and go out in public. I once went on a walk around the neighborhood in a skirt with no panties after a session. I was sure that everyone could tell. In the end, it seemed that the only one who noticed was a dog I met along the way that inappropriately sniffed me in the crotch much to my surprise, and the surprise of his owner who repeatedly apologized. Other times, I had to wear certain things at work such as crotchless panties or other lingerie. This would have been difficult for me before, but now that I was working in a small team every day, it was even harder. To make matters worse, one member of the team, Edward, always seemed to know on those days and he seemed to watch me closely. It was too hard to concentrate with him staring at me. I knew he couldn't possibly know, but he would get me flustered. He was attractive and had asked me out on more than one occasion. Each time I had turned him down politely. It didn't matter how attractive he was, or how much money he had. I only wanted my Sir.
Our sessions continued for weeks, often with me pleasing him orally, but never touching him, never seeing his face. I learned what he liked, and I learned what I liked. And although I enjoyed my orgasms, I began to crave seeing him, touching him and most of all feeling him inside of me, over any pleasure that he was able to give me in the playroom. I began to wonder what he was hiding. Was he hideous? I assumed that since he didn't want me to see his face, he was likely not very attractive, but I really didn't care. I also assumed since he wouldn't let me touch his body, that it would also be undesirable. I even began to wonder if he were handicapped, perhaps deformed. All sorts of scenarios played in my head, but they all ended with, I don't care.
That day at work was no different. My Sir had asked me to wear thigh highs under my skirt, and almost immediately Edward's eyes were on my legs. Before the end of the day he had asked me out, and as usual, I had turned him down. Ironically, he never seemed upset that I turned him down. In fact, today he seemed pleased.
I left work, and headed to my apartment. My Sir had asked me to come to the playroom tonight. I was a bit nervous, because although I had been there many times, and I trusted him completely, the very last time I was there he had asked me what I wanted the most. I didn't want to hurt his feelings, but I also didn't want to lie, so I told him of my desire to see him, touch him, feel him inside of me. He didn't respond, and I was wondering if he was going to address it tonight.
Three hours later I knelt in the playroom, nude, in my waiting position. I heard him enter the room. He moved around me carefully inspecting my body as he always did. I waited, anxiously for him to speak.
"Butterfly, last time you told me of your desire to see me. Is that still something you want? You will speak to answer my questions."
"Yes Sir. It doesn't matter what you look like, butterfly just want to see you, to be able to look into your eyes."
"Even if I do not look like you think I will look? Whether I be tall or short, grotesque or god like, you will not care?"
"No, butterfly will not care," I whispered, hoping I was still allowed to speak.
"And you want to touch me?"
I nodded.
"What if my body does not feel like you think it will?"
"It won't matter Sir. Your butterfly just want to touch you to bring you pleasure, to hold you and to be held."
I heard him clear his throat.
"And you want to feel me inside of you. I have brought you countless orgasms. Why is that so important to you?"
This was the question I was the most concerned about. It had occurred to me that perhaps the reason he had never been with me was because he wasn't physically able, but when I had pleased him with my mouth, I had felt him become hard, and he was able to achieve an orgasm. I had enjoyed the taste of every last one. I decided to just answer his question honestly.
"It is important to me because then butterfly will feel like she am completely yours. That you have claimed me as your own, and that we have become one."
"Butterfly, if I grant your wishes, I will need a serious commitment from you. I would like you to wear my collar. This is a sign of our relationship, of you giving yourself completely to me. I will ask you to wear this always".
"I am going to remove your blindfold, but you will keep your eyes downcast."
I felt him remove the blindfold. I opened my eyes slowly, keeping them trained at the ground. I could see his legs, dressed in black pants, standing a few feet from me. I resisted the urge to glance up at his face.
"Butterfly, this is the collar I would like you to wear." He opened a black velvet box. Inside was a beautiful silver necklace. In the front was a silver heart charm. In the back was a lock.
"This collar may look like a simple heart necklace to everyone else, but you and I will know what it means. The heart will symbolize the love we are giving to each other. The chain will symbolize the unbreakable bond that holds us together, and the lock on the back, to which there is only one key, will symbolize that you belong to only one person, me. Butterfly, do you accept this collar? Do you accept me as your one and only Master?"
"Yes, Master," I said with a smile, loving the way it sounded on my tongue. "butterfly accepts you as her one and only Master. The only one that she will serve. For the rest of her life, butterfly will give herself to you to please you."
"You may look at me," my Master said, his voice heavy with emotion.
Slowly my eyes traveled up his body. It was not hideous, it was magnificent. He was only wearing pants, leaving his chest bare exposing muscle on muscle. Slowly I brought my eyes to his face. His eyes, emerald green were sparkling as I had seen them look at me so many times. It was Edward! It had been him all along!
"I am yours Master," I said contentedly.
Without a word, he lifted me and carried me to the bed. Hours later in the aftermath of both frantic and languid love making, as I came down from another high, he kissed my lips softly and whispered, "That was beautiful butterfly."


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